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Inviting Bonnie Lawrence to speak to your organization is like waking up refreshed from a pleasant and exciting dream with solutions to problems you’ve been struggling with for longer than you can remember – only this time the dream doesn’t fade from memory because you’ve got a very real purpose with a plan for taking positive action. Your organization will be inspired to see new possibilities and motivated to meet new challenges.
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Messages are delivered to the head and heart … delivered to the ears and eyes. Part of Bonnie Lawrence’s gift is visual artwork that helps open the doors to understanding without needing to understand how. Give your eyes a carefully-crafted image that speaks to your spirit and helps your heart hear the words your mind has captured.
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How many blogs have you read in your search for real answers? How many gave you those answers? Bonnie Lawrence writes from her heart to share ideas that can help you leap beyond your mental fences and play in a safe and friendly meadow of hope, compassion, and finding your own hidden gifts!
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The subtitle tells it all: “The Journey from Brokenness to Love.” Bonnie Lawrence has written a three-part anthology that helps the reader recognize and move past old traumas, harmful behaviors, and secrets hidden from ourselves. Join her on an honest journey past the pain and into a joyous, loving universe – a place where you finally understand, “Who Stole Your Crayons?”
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Bonnie Lawrence / Lawrence Leadership

The Leadership Mastery Speaker®

Bonnie Lawrence is an attorney, executive leadership coach and mentor, rabbi, and award-winning author of the book, Messages That Matter.

She is a master trainer and practitioner of the repetitive behavior cellular regression process as well as a master Reiki practitioner. Rabbi Lawrence lives in California with her family and a four-legged menagerie… [more]

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